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Becoming the next employee in the work place is not always as simple as it sounds, but one hack that can be fruitful especially in a small or medium sized company is through research and a progressive attitude. Serving highly relevant questions based on developing the company - and showing that you have the knowledge to solve the ongoing issue that the company is facing - is crucial to get success.

Morten Thygesen

Recruiter and business analyst

I love to research business concepts and develop marketing related recruitment services and find the best people for companies.
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Getting Inside the Company

Updated 7.11.2020

Would not it be a dream scenario to become the most relevant problem solver in a small or medium sized company leaving any other job competitor way behind? Showing knowledge and experience that gives the company a view on how to solve the problem - is crucial to get success for you and the company.

Research the companies

Did you ever get rejected while applying in a larger company competing with 100s of other applicant never getting any feedback? The chance is quite big that you tried it. Perhaps you need to rethink where you apply and how, or just having an alternative strategy to change workplace. You need to start early, research and get an understanding of the company, which mission really interests and motivates you to make it prosper.

Self-reflection and external contact

According to the progressive Danish Job Coach, Mike Wen√łe in his book 'Get Inside - Small and Medium Sized Companies' from 2012 - getting a job requires that you are able to solve the employers problem. Nothing more, nothing less. Its really 'simple'. To be able to do it, you need to know 'what you want to do', 'what you are able to do', 'where you will be able to do it' and as well getting in contact with several employers on fx LinkedIn. With your research and knowledge the right questions could lead you to a skype call, perhaps some kind of assignment - and now you are in the game of becoming the next employee - and the interview is much easier and almost a formalia.

Do not apply where everybody applies

The idea is not to apply where everybody else is applying, instead it is a good idea to look to small or medium sized companies - and research and follow what the companies in your interest and knowledge field are doing. If company A is getting venture capital to extend its sales and services towards real estate in the North German market and you accidentally speak acceptable German, and have some experience with real estate; the timing might be right to offer the company a meeting where you can discuss and come with inputs for the company. Some people prefer to catch the company earlier, some do it later. It all depends on your skills and knowledge - to be able to have the right timing.

In other words, its all about self-understanding and researching the company to contact them and become relevant!

Reflections for you:

●   What are your dream jobs?
●   What makes you happy at work?
●   What are your core competencies?
●   Which companies do you find attractive?
●   Why not starting selecting and researching the companies?
●   What is the best way for you to contact the department manager, CEO or recruitment responsible?


These bullet points require some heavy thinking, and if you find it hard to give an answer on your competencies or what makes you happy at work etc, you should have a personal talk to a career advisor to guide you in the process, if you really want to change job and improve your work life.

 'Get Inside - Small and Medium Sized Companies' from 2012 (in Danish)