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Eurocareers is making a survey of expat satisfaction in different countries in Europe. First country on the list is Denmark, and the purpose of the survey is to help expats consider new places to work and give an idea of how other expats perceive living and working in the country. Denmark has around 150’000 expats. The survey has been conducted according to the methodology for the whole Eurocareers satisfaction survey with a minimum of 384 participants

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Expat Satisfaction in Denmark

Updated 17.10.2018

Even though there are many different opinions from expats in Denmark, there are some opinions that the majority of expats agree on. This article is showing some of them according to survey results from the Eurocareers satisfaction survey, feedback during the survey process and a qualitative interview with an expat from South Korea.

Survey results and qualitative findings:

Living in Denmark

Expats in job are in general satisfied living in Denmark and on the Eurocareer survey satisfaction question “How do you like living in Denmark” participants gave living in Denmark an average score of 7.1 out of 10. Throughout qualitative interviews with expats in Denmark, it has become clear that expats enjoy the cozy atmosphere, international networks and work climate with well-educated open-minded colleagues.

Work life Balance

Especially the 37 weekly working hours is seen as something very positive and the satisfaction survey does also show an average score of 7.3 out of 10 on the question of ‘How is your work life balance in Denmark’. The relative low amount of working hour does make it easier to get a balance between work and all other aspect of life.

Work Culture

International minded companies are present in the largest cities in Denmark and most around Copenhagen. The work culture is most often having a low level of hierarchy and openness towards finding solutions across different professions. Unfortunately not all companies have an English language codex, and the satisfaction survey on the question: “How do you like the work culture in Denmark?” does also show the average score of 6.8 out of 10, which is the lowest score in Denmark.

Further Comments

While the Eurocareers satisfaction survey was running in Denmark (9.september - 9. oktober) and also earlier, there has been an intense immigration policy debate, which most expats are quite concerned about because of constant cut and limitations in the Danish education and changes in the subsidies for unemployed - which in general makes it harder for expats to become integrated and feel welcomed in the Danish society.