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If you choose to locate to North Denmark, you will have a much easier time to find a place to live compared to Copenhagen. Some sites claims that rent prices of flats in Aalborg are in general 29% lower compared to Copenhagen. The smaller cities in the region would even be cheaper to live in.

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Housing in North Denmark

Updated 7.11.2018

You will not face a huge problem on finding a flat to live in in the cities in North Denmark. As new to the region - it is advisable to look into Aalborg, even though you will have some competition of getting a flat in the center of the city. Choosing Aalborg gives you benefits of easier access to a social life and a connection to the locals and other expats compared to smaller cities in the region.

Rental price level

According to expatistan A 3 rooms flat of 85m2 in a normal area in Aalborg costs in average around 724 Euro pr. month.

Different areas in the city

In North Denmark you can live either south or north of the Fjord. Aalborg is south of the Fjord, but if you cross the bridge to Nørresundby area, which also belongs to Aalborg Municipality, you will find much cheaper housing and its only 1 km to the center of Aalborg. Aalborg is divided into a west, east and the center. The center of the city includes the harbour area, which is more pricy, the pub street, cafees and shopping street. The eastern part comprises the university area and some ethnics hoods, while the western part is more relaxed residental area with a football stadium, swimming facilities and a bridge towards Nørresundby.

Web sites

Private rent out of rooms/rentals within the average price level can for instance be found on, or on local groups on facebook. There are other sites and apps for buying and selling like, but the site is in Danish. It can be hard to know which site to trust. In general, it is advisable not to believe an offer, which is extremely cheap and looks like a scam.

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