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It is a good choice to look for jobs within IT, engineering and pharmaceuticals in the Capital Region. There is a heavy concentration of international companies, salary is higher than the rest of Denmark - and you will face many international companies located in the area. Even the municipalities have made an effort of establishing areas for companies, science parks and startups.

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Job Market in Copenhagen

Updated 7.11.2018

The job market in and outside of Copenhagen is interesting because of a lot of international companies and there are many internationals already living in the Capital city. The workforce in the region is 850 000 employees with an approximate number of 85 000 companies. Many of the companies are quite small with approximately 10-20 employees. The 1000 biggest companies employ 50% of all employees.

Demand for skilled internationals

●   IT-sector
●   The life science and pharmaceutical sector
●   Construction, engineering and infrastructure
●   Global Sales / Global IT Sales
●   Entrepreneurial start-up communities

Business parks

Ballerup Municipality has throughout 30 years manifested a large business park (a Danish Silicon Valley) with huge IT and tech companies. The Capital Region is also known for its pharmaceutical large companies working on the global market and as well smaller research companies, which all are located in the Medicon Valley with approximately 40 000 employees. The Medicon Valley is both in Denmark and South of Sweden and consists of approximately 170 companies.


There is a vital start-up scene in the region for instance a fin-tech community with access to venture capital. It is easy to find office spaces, incubators and inspiring entrepreneurs. Also some start-up communities are connected to the universities in the region, and some of our science parks are connected the universities in the region, which also benefit from the transfer of research and university based knowledge.


There will be more niche jobs, which are not in these sectors or occupations, and they are soon coming here on Eurocareers, so look out for interesting job-ads and international minded companies. But do note that in the biggest companies they often look for heavy expertise, while if you are less experienced you could as well look for medium sized companies to have a better chance of getting a job. In general make sure to have a contract before you travel to Denmark, because the competition is strong and it is expensive to live in Denmark without a job.

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