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Central Denmark has a lot to offer. There are many historical views in Aarhus dating back to the viking times. There is a nice channel with a lot of people typically hanging out for coffee and cakes. Furthermore, there are museums, a zoo, a theme park and a lot of beaches in Central Denmark. Actually, you will not be bored in the Central Denmark Region.

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Leisure in Central Denmark

Updated 7.11.2018

There are many leisure and tourist attractions in the region. There are amazing beaches in the Djursland area, old harbors with smoked fish, local glas production and good restaurants in Århus. Århus was selected as the European capital of culture in 2017 and many people visit the city.

Cinema and the local Cafés

There are many possibilities to explore in Aarhus and the surrounding cities. Some like to watch the newest movies in the cinema. All cities in the region have their own cinema. You can get a good overview of which cinemas showing what, and a description of the movies on If you are into Cafés and meeting friends, colleagues you could read information from Visit Aarhus and get good information on top cafés in the area.

Cultural houses and sports

Some like to explore museums and libraries, while others prefer cultural houses organizing dancing, concerts, jazz & blues nights, flea markets, comedy shows, belly dancing, gaming and political debates. On the sports activities some of the sports centers provide facilities for ice skating, swimming, badminton, tennis, squash, handball, boxing, football and karate etc.

Top 10 cultural sights of the region

1) Mid-town in Aarhus where the river runs and the Viking established the city year 700
2) Djurs Sommerland is an amazing theme park in Djursland
3) Mols bjerge is basically the mountains/hills of Mols
4) Randers Rain Forest is actually a zoo.
5) Grenaa Beach is a must see if you like beaches and water.
6) Aarhus art museum a Mekka for modern art.
7) Aarhus River and the local cafés around it is a great place for relaxation and a beer.
8) The Old City of Aarhus takes you through the Viking times to present
9) Contemporary glas art in Ebeltoft shows different themes in glas art.
10) Kattegat center in Grenaa Get closer to sharks and 250 different species in the huge aquarium

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