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The northern point of Denmark is not to be forgotten. Aalborg and Skagen are quite popular for Danes to vist, Aalborg is most known for Jomfru Anegade which has a lot of restaurants and bars. The region also has beautiful nature and beaches

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Leisure in North Denmark

Updated 7.11.2018

North Denmark has much to offer. It is a rough area with a lot of nature, beautiful beaches, and wind for windsurfing, The city Skagen presents art such as paintings, amber and glas. There is an annual music festival in Skagen. Besides this you will most likely buy fresh and smoked fish from the local smokeries.

Cinema and Cafe

There are many possibilities to explore in Aalborg and the surrounding cities. Some like to watch the newest movies in the cinema. All cities in the region have their own cinema. You can get a good overview of which cinemas showing what, and a description of the movies on If you are into Cafés and meeting friends, colleagues you could use official information from Visit Aalborg getting local information on top cafes and restaurants in the area.

Cultural houses and sports

Some like to explore museums and libraries, while others prefer cultural houses. In Aalborg there is a cultural house called Aalborg Kongress og KulturCenter## organizing organizing big concerts, debates, theater plays while has board games, concerts and meetings (both sites are in Danish). On the sports activities sports centers provide facilities for swimming, badminton, tennis, squash, handball, boxing, football and karate etc.

1) Skagen is the most northern city in Jutland, which is a special place for Danes - due to local artists living and painting in the city
2) Grenen is the most northern place of Jutland, which normally is visited during a stay in Skagen.
3) Blokhus beach is popular in the summertime among Danes and tourists
4) Anchers House is located in Skagen, where you find paintings from the most prominient artists from Skagen
5) Jomfru Ane Gade in Aalborg is a street full of restaurants, cafés and bars
6) Faarup theme park is for the whole family, especially children
7) Raabjerg Mile is a moving sand hill
8) Klitmøller is also known as the cold Hawaii - a mekka for windsurfing
9) Oceanian (Aqaurium) in Hirtshals
10) Aalborg Zoo has more than 1500 different species
11) Læsø is an Island in Kattegat known for being quiet and with beautiful nature
12) Thy National Park a space for nature

  Visit Aalborg
 Aalborg Kongress og KulturCenter