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Southern Denmark covers different areas such as Funen and south of Jutland, which are central in the Danish history. For instance the Hans Christian Andersen family home in Odense, the historical Jelling-Rune Stones from the times where Denmark was Christened, and as well nice bars, cafeś and restaurants in the center of Odense.

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Leisure in Southern Denmark

Updated 7.11.2018

Southern Denmark has a lot to offer in the afterwork hours which covers a lot of culture quite central in the Danish history, and as well places for going for concerts, dining, drinking, café, cinema's and theaters etc.

Cinema and Cafés

All cities have their own cinema, local cafés and restaurants. Odense and Vejle would though have most sights, restaurants, cafés and other activities for after work hours. Visit Odense is having a lot of local material which gives you a local view of the city.

Cultural houses and sports

In Odense there is a cultural house called Kulturmasken (cultural machine) hosting many creative events.
In the whole region there are some quite local cultural places organizing events such as concerts, art shows, local painters, eating and meeting others etc. You will also find a huge variety of sports such as badminton, tennis, handball, karate, boxing, and fitness.

Cultural Sights

Learn about the history, meet people, and hopefully have a lot of fun at the same time. If you take your time and visit the different cities, you will see a lot of culture defining Denmark:

10 cultural sights from the region:
1) Egeskov The magical Castle on Funen
2) Jellingstenene (runestones) in Jelling
3) Themepark LEGOLAND in Billund
4) A cathedral and viking museum in Ribe
5) Odense ZOO from year 1930
6) Humans by the sea in Esbjerg
7) Koldinghus - an old castle in the city Kolding
8) HC Andersens house in Odense
9) Ærø (a small island close to Esbjerg)
10) Økolariet in Vejle

 Visit Odense
 The Cultural Machine (Danish site)