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It is cheaper to live in Central Denmark compared to the capital of Denmark. Århus, which is the largest city in the Region is approximately 20% cheaper in consumer prices and house rent compared to Copenhagen. You will find most cultural activities such as concerts, galleries, bars, restaurants and theater in Århus and also some in Herning and VIborg.

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Living Expenses in Central Denmark

Updated 7.11.2018

Århus and the provinces in the region are not expensive compared to Copenhagen. It makes sense to look into the combination of living in Aarhus or another city in the region, getting more quiet time with your family and enjoy restaurants and cafés. Actually the price level of housing and consumer prices are 20% lower compared to the Copenhagen house prices. All though you will have a relative high salary in Denmark, some of the money you earn will be paid back to the state through tax and fees.

Housing market

The housing market and the prices in the region differs due to different in different areas. Some areas in Aarhus are quite expensive. While provincial cities do not have the same demand and therefore lower prices in general. There are of course differences between the cities, so you need to visit the local areas to get a feeling whether you like it or not, and assess how much you are willing to pay to fx. live in Aarhus, Ikast, Viborg or Randers. A 3 rooms flat of 85 M2 is expected to cost around 1067 Euro in average in Aarhus according to

Restaurants and cafés

There are expensive restaurants on international level in Aarhus, but in the provinces you can not have the same level of restaurants. Instead there are many value for money places with acceptable food within the price level of 17-20 Euro pr. dish without wine or other beverages. Besides this, there are many high quality coffee places with a typical café latte price around 4-5 euro.

Transportation costs

The train system is in general a bit pricy all over Denmark and the same counts for Central Denmark, Copenhagen, Zealand, Southern Denmark and North Denmark. A fare with a fast regional train to Aalborg takes around 1,5 hour and costs 28 Euro on standard ticket, while a discunted ticket card costs 21-22 Euro pr Journey. If you are traveling in short distance, you could benefit by buying a bike and bike instead. The cities are not that big and there are many bike lanes all over - and biking is also sustainable.