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It is cheaper to live in North Denmark compared to Copenhagen. Aalborg is approximately 20% cheaper in consumer prices and house rent, while restaurants are 16% lower priced. You will find most cultural activities such as concerts, galleries, the pub street and theaters in the larger cities such as Aalborg.

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Living Expenses in North Denmark

Updated 7.11.2018

It is definitely cheaper to live in the north of Jutland than in the capital of Denmark. You will most likely get a cheaper flat, more space and a shorter route to your new work place. In general you can cut of 20% of your expenses compared to a life in Copenhagen, the capital city. Besides paying tax, you will also be able to spend some of your money on concerts, cafés, galleries, the pub street and theaters in Aalborg.

Housing market

The housing market in North Denmark is a lot more pleasant than the Copenhagen and Århus area, if you compare the prices. But you need to visit the local area to get a feeling, whether you like it or not, and assess how much you are willing to pay to live for instance in the center of fx Aalborg or Bjerringbro etc. According to expatistan a 3 rooms flat of 85m2 in a normal area costs in average 724 Euro pr. month in Aalborg.

Restaurants and cafés

You will find cafés in Aalborg and the other cities in the region with a standard coffee price around 4 Euro. You will not find world class restaurants, but more local food, which also has a charm. This means it is not that expensive to go out. A dish costs around 13-15 Euro without wine or other beverages.

Transportation costs

The train system is in general a bit pricy all over Denmark and the same counts for the
North of Denmark. You can have benefits of buying monthly travel cards if you commute every day, and you might be able to save a lot of money. Furthermore the comfort is quite nice and you will typically be able to work a bit on your way to work. The price of a journey between Aalborg and Aarhus is around 20 Euro on a travel card with discount, while a standard ticket costs 28 Euro. If you are traveling in short distance, you could benefit by buying a bike and bike instead. The cities are not that big and there are many bike lanes in all cities - and biking is also sustainable.

Hope you enjoy the area.