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It is easy to commute in Southern Denmark due to an organized infrastructure, which both counts for ordinary car traffic and the public transport. Odense is the most well connected train and bus-station. If you travel outside the cities by bus, you should though expect some waiting time.

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Public Transport in Southern Denmark

Updated 7.11.2018

Commuting in the region is a big thing. A lot of people commute while living in the Southern Denmark Region, enjoying a quiet life in the provincial cities, and have the flexibility to visit or work in Odense, Århus or Copenhagen. Regional trains and busses are connected at the main stations and it is easy to use.

Regional trains

The trains are well connected in Southern Denmark and the access is easy to the cities in the area; such as Kolding, Vejle, Billund, Esbjerg, Sønderborg. The travel time from Odense to the Capital Region (Copenhagen) is 1.5 hour, which is the same travel time between Odense to Aarhus in the Central Denmark Region. Odense is geographicaly the center of Denmark and Roskilde in the Zealand is only 1 hour away. While Aalborg in North Denmark is around 3.5 hours from Odense. The comfort level is quite high in all regional trains, and most of the time you will be able to work in the train on your laptop etc.


Busses are of course used in the cities with little waiting time; for instance 20 minutes at the central station in Odense to get the next bus to your destination. Busses are also connecting the smaller and remote cities outside Middelfart, Esbjerg, Odense, Kolding, Vejle, Sønderborg, Billund etc. Here the waiting time will be longer. On the island (Funen) where Odense is located, Fynbus is operating the busses. If you need to travel in remote areas and you can not get enough information from (the digital travel planner), you could look into Fynbus website.

Prices and discount

A standard price for 1-3 zones on Funen which for instance covers the whole city of Odense costs 2.5 Euro. If you are commuting every day, you should consider to buy a monthly travel card (månedskort). It is normally cheaper than the digital travel card solution (Rejsekort). Rejsekortet gives discount on your travels. You can buy it from DSB (the Danish train operator) in the larger train stations, where you get more information on discount and how to charge money on the card. Look closer to more information and different tickets. A standard ticket from Copenhagen to Odense costs approximately 35 Euro, while a full discounted ticket on the travelcard costs approximately 26 Euro, but the actual price depends on when you travel.


LEGO decided to build an airport in the city Billund in Southern Denmark, where the LEGO headquarter and LEGOLAND are located. Now it it is the second largest airport in Denmark, and the nearest big city is Vejle being 30 km from the airport.

Be aware that the fine of free riding in the bus, train, metro or subway is 100 Euro. It is recommendable to research the public transport system and its prices because you can save a lot.

 Fynbus (local bus operator)
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