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People do meet in real life in the Capital region, however most social activities for international people occur in Copenhagen, where also locals join in different social or professional groups according to their interest. Often the events are organized through social media, such as, facebook groups or through your work place. Danes celebrate almost everything and quite often alcohol follows along and its likely your social meetings ends with a beer.

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Social Networks in Copenhagen

Updated 7.11.2018

You will find a lot of active expat communities who like to go out in Copenhagen according to shared interests in either social or professional settings. International Danes also attend these social networks, so once in a while you meet Danish people this way.

Social events

There are many types of groups that meet in Copenhagen on the platforms such as, or just facebook groups, and there is definitely more activity compared to the social networks in Zealand, Southern Denmark, Central Denmark and North Denmark.

Social event content

Typically, the events in Copenhagen are organized according to interests, ie. leadership, new technology, social parties, dinner events, pole dancing, board games, playing and listening to music, programming, chat bots, language learning, machine learning. data science, web development etc. Some of the events are hosted in caf├ęs, in pubs, in places for gaming, in office spaces for entrepreneurs and creative people. In many of the social events participants quite often consume some kind of alcohol and have an informal social or business related chat. There are also other ways of socializing and meeting people, such as volunteering in political or humanitarian organizations or just hang out with friends trough work.

Social business events

Some companies use to host networking events having a professionalized purpose, which can be compared to a 'go-home-meeting' for people in the same industry. It can also be a professional union or interest organization hosting an event. Embassies also do it, but in some cases its for members or invite only. Many of the meetings have some informal character, which involves a beer or glass of wine - and that you meet specialists or people interested in a specific work area.

Other inspirational sources

There are also other ways to get knowledge on the living as an expat in the region and Denmark. For instance look into the Danish section on, and you could as well search for expat work life discussions on blogs on - highlighting positive and negative experience.

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