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People do meet in real life in Zealand, however most social activities for international people occur in Copenhagen and not in Roskilde. Locals also join in different social or professional groups according to shared interests. Often the events are organized through social media, such as meetup, facebook groups or through your work place. Danes celebrate almost everything and quite often alcohol follows along - and there is a chance your meetings ends with a beer.

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Social Networks in Zealand

Updated 14.9.2017

You will find a few social networks for expats in Roskilde organized throughout facebook. The other provincial cities would do not have many meetings. Most people in Roskilde and Køge will also join Copenhagen social networks because of short travel time and more different events to visit and a huge variety of social meetings.

Social events

In the provinces social meetings can be organized throughout a club of people sharing interest in food, sports or any other interest.
Some people are member of a political party and meet people there. Others like to do volunteer work. There are many options like this in most cities. In many cases they can be found on facebook.

Social business events

There are different innovation-networks for companies that host meetings. For instance within Transport and Logistics there are some activities with formal network meetings, that also contains informal wine drinking, some food and a little bit of socializing. Another example is for professionals interested in building and construction, where conferences and 'go home meetings' occur - which means am informal networking event for people in the same industry.

There are also other ways to get knowledge on the living as an expat in the region and Denmark. For instance look into the Danish section on and you could as well search for expat based work life discussion inside blogs from

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