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It is easy to commute in North Denmark due to an organized infrastructure for regional and international trains and busses. If you travel outside the cities by bus you should though expect waiting time. A lot of people in the region drive car and have a bike.

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Transport in North Denmark

Updated 7.11.2018

The train and bus infrastructure in North Denmark Region is well suited for commuting and traveling. It might be a bit costly, but the system covers a huge area. The regional trains are in general well connected inside the region and towards other Danish Regions. There are many busses transporting people in the region, so you will not have a problem reaching smaller cities, but you should expect some waiting time. Just as the rest of the country - the prices of the travels are calculated according to zones.

Regional trains

There is a fast train from Aalborg to Aarhus in Central Denmark Region with a travel time of 1.5 hours, and 3 hours from Aalborg to Odense in South Denmark, Roskilde in Zealand is 4-4.5 hours away, while the capital region Copenhagen is 5 hours away from Aalborg. The comfort level is quite high in all regional trains, and most of the time you will be able to work in the train on your laptop etc.


You will find busses for travels to most locations in the region. The public bus operator in the region is Nordjyllands trafikselskab, and they have their own travel planner and price calculation including information on discount opportunities. There are discount busses for commuters and travellers to Copenhagen for around 14 Euro a few times pr. week if you plan in advance, which also includes a ferry trip making it extra exciting. There are also international busses to look for and you can also travel to Copenhagen other cities by the flipbus operator.


Aalborg has its own airport with domestic flights, which makes it easy for business people and travellers to visit Aalborg and the region. The airport is located 25 minutes by car/bus outside the city and the departure to Copenhagen takes 45 minutes.

Prices and discount

If you are commuting every day you should consider to buy a Monthly Travel Card (månedskort). Get an overview of different tickets on the DSB site, because it is normally cheaper than the standard travel card solution (Rejsekort) to commute by the monthly travel card. If you only travel in the region, you could research if Nordjyllands Trafikselskab gives you any special discounts. A standard train ticket from Aarhus to Aalborg costs 26 Euro, and a full discounted ticket on the travel card costs around 21 Euro.

Planning of travels

You can easily plan your travel to your destination by using the digital travel planner, which integrates bus, train and walking time on . You can also compare the price difference between a standard ticket, 1st class, travel card or monthly travel card.

Remember that the fine of free riding in the bus or train is 100 Euro.

 Aalborg Airport
 Nordjyllands Trafikselskab (North Jutland Trafic Company