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Copenhagen is one of the best cities in the world to live in according to OECD. The city has the ambition to become the best in the world within sustainable solutions, serving better conditions for children, providing education in world class and having an easy and well organized public transport. Many international companies are located in the Copenhagen area, the social and cultural atmosphere is amazing.

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What Makes Copenhagen Attractive?

Updated 7.11.2018

Copenhagen has several times been selected as one of the best cities in the world to live in according to OECD - and it has good infrastructure and transport options of trains, busses, cars and bikes. Actually it is a big bike-city; we have bike-lanes and bikes all over the city. The city also has a focus on music and festivals. It is hosting festivals such as the yearly tech-festival, the jazz-week, rock-festivals, 5 days street music festival called distortion. The city is popular among internationals. A lot of people come to Copenhagen to work for international companies and many sectors need qualified labor.

Sustainable and green

Sustainable Copenhagen. The city is on top of the Global Green Economy Index according to Dual Citizen and pushing to become carbon neutral by 2025. There are big green areas in Amager and Østerbro - and as well beautiful parks around the city. Bikes are actually all over the place, no matter if its winter, summer, spring or autumn. Amager and Østerbro have beaches, and Islands Brygge has bathing facilities if you wanna swim in the Copenhagen Canal. The Copenhagen district heating plant is changing into biomass production to reach the 2025 goals of becoming carbon neutral - and it is also the place for a new hiking and ski-hill in 2018 (its not a joke).

Social and cultural atmosphere

There are many social events happening in the city. Many areas and small streets have a mix of residential, leisure and commercial activities, which makes the areas in Copenhagen quite liveable. The atmosphere is relaxed in most places, and it is easy to find a place to go out for a drink or quality coffee in numerous bars and cafés or enjoying Michelin-level or affordable restaurants. It is all here. The region also has an extensive amount of leisure and activities, take a look.

Education and learning

Almost all Danish universities have a department located in Copenhagen, and you will find a huge number of different study fields and educational institutions. Learning the language is of course essential to engage with the people and the local culture. The Danish people are in general educated and highly skilled in English, so you will not face a problem in the baker, supermarket or elsewhere. Do not be afraid to interact with the Danes, try out your Danish skills or just in English.

International Schools

If you are looking for international schools, you will find many English schools located in and outside Copenhagen. The level is on primary school and high school as well. Furthermore classes are taught in English in the universities.

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