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If you prefer quiet and easy going conditions for your family and more space compared to Copenhagen, you will find Aalborg and the region attractive. It is possible to save approximately 20% of your costs in Aalborg compared to Copenhagen. For the jobmarket you will find a few large international companies and many small companies - and the competition is lower compared to Copenhagen/Århus.

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What Makes North Denmark Attractive?

Updated 7.11.2018

The region is attractive and has many things to offer such as small cities and a large international city with affordable housing, many small and medium sized companies with a demand for specialists - and less competition on the job market.

Furthermore the city offers a flexibility with quiet areas for families and a center of the city with life and pubs. And it is cheaper to rent a flat in North Denmark than Southern Denmark, Central Denmark, and Copenhagen. Thus the area is known for its own university (Aalborg University) which is a great place and employs a lot of people.

Sustainable city

Aalborg takes the societal change to become more green and sustainable quite serious. There is a Center for Green Change organizing a lot of sustainable projects to create change. For the 5th year its annual Sustainability Festival for companies, citizen and civil organizations organized by the Municipality of Aalborg included food markets, bike trips, organic brunch, energy advice, workshops and presentations on sharing economy, sustainable buildings, self-driving cars and UN-goals for sustainability. Getting the awareness and moving people towards sustainable living is relevant in Aalborg.

Social and cultural atmosphere

The popular pub street, Jomfru Ane Gade in Aalborg, is offering a lot of places for social networking meeting students, friends, colleagues and business people. As part of the Danish culture alcohol is very often consumed and there are many places in the pub street for cocktails, beer, wine and coffee. Furthermore the entire region has a lot of leisure and cultural places to visit.

Education and learning

Aalborg University is a big employer and the university is doing it best to upgrade the knowledge and make a basis for innovation and new ideas in the region. Aalborg also recently decided to upgrade student housing heavily and made sure that there are recreational spaces for cafés, restaurants, sports centers to deliver good conditions for newcomers, freelancers, company start-ups and companies in general.

International schools?

If you are looking for international schools, you will find an international school in Aalborg. The level is on primary school and high school as well. Besides this, Aalborg University has their lessons taught in English.

 Aalborg University (English)