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If you prefer quiet and easy going conditions for your family and more space than you could have in Copenhagen, then Zealand could be an option for you. There is a chance to save around 25% of your costs, if you move to Roskilde instead of Copenhagen, and the transport time to Copenhagen is quite low. For the job market you will not find many large international companies, but many small and medium sized companies, with less competition on open positions compared to Copenhagen.

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What Makes Zealand Attractive?

Updated 7.11.2018

If you want to work in the region and live relative close to Copenhagen, then the region of Zealand could be attractive to you. The northern part of the region has very short transport time to Copenhagen, and many people commute from this region. The biggest city in the region is Roskilde and it is family friendly. This city has many things to offer such as the Roskilde University, a science park, am annual festival, a square and interesting people. The region is rich on small and medium companies and a lot of nature.

Sustainable and green

The region has a front runner within sustainable energy. Outside Roskilde, the town Lejre is experimenting with sustainable energy and other sustainable initiatives. Roskilde is also working on upgrading their energy supply to comprehend the carbon neutral goals. Thus, there are huge green areas all over the region and a lot of beautiful nature, for instance the white cliifs in Møn.

Social and cultural atmosphere

On a social and cultural level the biggest city, Roskilde, feels like a large provincial city. It has a cozy square, cafés and restaurants and the people from the city like to go out. In general there are many squares, markets, lakes, churches and a few castles in the provinces (Køge, Næstved, Vordingborg and Ringsted), See more about leisure in the region. Roskilde is international according to international students and researchers living in the city and working at the university/companies. There are many cultural and leisure places in the region to discover, which are quite nice. People like to meet for
social events according to shared interests; either professionally or on a social level.

Education and learning

The largest educational institutions in the region are Roskilde University and the Professional College Absalon, which are highly relevant to enhance the knowledge level of the people in the region. Roskilde University covers bachelor and masters education in all areas from business, programming to philosophy etc. while the professional college takes care of bachelor level in bio-technology, nurses, public administration and social workers etc.

International schools

If you are looking for international schools, you will find international schools located in Roskilde and outside Næstved. The level is on primary school and high school as well. Furthermore, courses are taught in English at Roskilde University.

 Roskilde University
 Professional College Absalon