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Denmark is a small country in northern Europe with beautiful nature, beaches, water views, high salaries, high tax, high level of welfare, high education level a and well-functioning infrastructure. The labor market is running smooth with a need of specialist to keep growth running due to an aging population, such as specialists within IT, shipping, engineering and pharmaceuticals are especially needed.

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Why Work Abroad in Denmark?

Updated 7.11.2018

Denmark is known for having an organized and high level welfare society based on representative democracy with 9 different political parties in the parliament and many more on local level. People feel safe in the country and Demmark won the price of being the most happy country several times. Salaries are high and working time around 37 hours pr. week. We pay tax to have free health care, a personal doctor, language lessons, free public schools and universities, public infrastructure, sustainable energy, military and aid for development countries. The Danish labour market is running smooth and the need for specialists has increased.

About Danes

People are not overly religious, not many attend the Christian church on Sundays. Approximately 75% of the population are member of the Christian protestant state-church; and numbers are constantly declining. The idea of freedom of speech is somehow present in the culture - and we do not have strong beliefs in authorities, and do not like to be commanded, when it is not necessary because it hurts the self-esteem. Women were fighting for equal rights throughout the 70'ies and the genders are quite equal. Convince the Dane according to factual arguments. A humorous tone is most effective. The Dane also love a cozy home life and you can win him/her over by friendliness and personal recognition.

Customs and feasts

We have different times of the year for family parties. For instance we celebrate Easter, Christmas and New Years. Easter and Christmas is with the family for a few days, while New Years is typically together with friends. Alcohol is very common at all sort of parties. In December we have Christmas lunch (were people get quite drunk and some drink snaps). During December everybody drinks Gløgg (redwine with raisins and almonds). If you go out for a coffee in the week days, you could as an alternative drink a beer instead. But we do not get overly drunk during weekdays, only in the weekend. In the new company you are going to work for, it is very common to have a Friday bar with alcohol. You should try not to get too drunk in your work place in the Friday bar, but still it is good to participate and take part of the business culture,


According to the tourist organization 'Visit Denmark', Denmark has a beautiful nature, for instance 8750 km of coastline with nice beaches, special lights inspiring artists throughout time, Moving Sand Dunes in North Jutland, white cliffs of Møn, amazing forests around the country, the Wadden Sea in western Jutland for ornithologists - and also plenty of interesting small islands such as Fanø, Rømø, Anholt, Æbleø and Bornholm, where you need to take a ferry.

Cultural buildings

There are quite many castles and churches around the country, especially in the capital. The old castle of Kronborg is found in Helsingør. Copenhagen has plenty royal castles including the parliament building. Also the municipality of Frederiksberg and Fredensborg have one - and in the countryside too. Almost all cities in Denmark have a church or a dome with pretty paintings and Gospels once in a while. You can see more cultural aspects of Denmark within the leisure articles in the Danish regions and also look at Visit Denmark's website.

We are happy to see you in Denmark.

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