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In the larger cities there are many social networks and interest groups organized throughout social media. Typically, people to discuss business opportunities, entrepreneurship, new technologies, jobs, or have party. There are several opportunities and many of them are organized through facebook, meetup etc.

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Social Networks in Denmark

Updated 7.11.2018

For a social purpose many internationals go out and meet other international people, which most often happens in the larger cities or around international companies located more remotely in the countryside. Some international companies do also host their own social meetings, wine tasting, playing badminton, having quizzes etc.

Social events

People do meet in real life in Denmark! There are many social networks for expats and locals around the biggest cities in Denmark. Especially in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense and Aalborg. Copenhagen is leading the way with a massive amount of meetups on, where people meet in real life according to interest. There is also a lot of events being organized on facebook and other social medias. Some meetings are for social purposes and others can have a business purpose including socializing.

Social business events

Some people prefer more professionalized meetings, which can be organized through out innovation networks, embassies, industry interest organization. This is more formal networking, but often there will be some kind of food, wine or beer as part of the event, which also contains informal socializing. In the Danish universities it is also possible to meet students, entrepreneurs, and company representatives.

Other inspirational sources

There are also other ways to get knowledge on the living as an expat in the region and Denmark. For instance look into the Danish section on, and you could as well search for expat work life discussions on blogs on - highlighting positive and negative experience.

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