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This is your region, if you prefer a quiet and easy going conditions for your family, more space due to lower prices compared to Copenhagen- You are going to save around 15% of your costs in Aarhus compared to Copenhagen. The city has been the European capital of culture in 2017 and is rising in popularity. For the job market there are large international companies with less competition compared to Copenhagen.

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What Makes Central Denmark Attractive?

Updated 7.11.2018

Central Denmark has several interesting cities such as Aarhus, Ikast, and Viborg. Aarhus is the biggest of them, and the second biggest city in Denmark. Iit is a great place with many companies and different neighborhoods. Some are very family friendly and quiet, while other has more pubs and noise. Housing is in general 15% cheaper and easier than in Copenhagen. Trains are well organized in the region, and the city has its own airport, making it easier for tourists and business people to visit and work in Aarhus.

Cultural innovation

Aarhus and the entire region has been a landmark for rethinking culture as being the European Cultural Capital of 2017. A substantial amount of events have been carried out together with people as active parts in shaping new values and creating culture together. There has been events within musical creations, foods, bike-trips, art-shows, theaters and all sorts of alternative arrangements. All of the municipalities in the region have been involved in promoting and arranging a beginning of something new - and making a connection to the rest of Europe.

Sustainable and green

As part of creating and promoting new values - Aarhus has been finding ways of integrating sustainable solutions for Foods & Drinks, Art & Cultural events, Behavior & Communication - with the attempt to make a model and being a good example for other European cities that are going to rethink their culture and future.

Social and cultural atmosphere

As in Copenhagen there are many social events organized throughout social media connecting internationals, locals, business people and everybody else sharing the same ideas. People often meet in local cafés or likewise. Going out in Aarhus will take you through a lot of cafés, bars and restaurants in high international class and as well with more affordable prices. Also, there are many cultural buildings and museums to look at in the region.

Education and learning

People in Aarhus are well educated. There are good education opportunities with the 2nd largest university in Denmark. The university is being on several top 100 list for their research. The major education lines is providing teaching within science and technology, business studies, health studies and social science.

International schools

If you are looking for international schools, you will find them in Århus, Ikast and Viborg. The level is on primary school and high school as well. Furthermore there are courses at Aarhus University, which are taught in English.

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